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A bite of China------University canteens
By Stella on 2016-07-27

Food is the paramount necessity of the people. Food is the topic that never goes out of date. In China’s universities, there are many kinds of tasty food which are not known to the public but popular among students. Canteen culture is also a kind of characteristic in China. Let’s see some of the special canteens in China’s universities.


1. Key words: magnificent, panorama lift


Renmin University of China is famous not only for its academic achievement, but its most splendid canteen in China. There are four districts of canteen: east, west, north and median space. The east district is famous for hand grab, Guangzhou dessert and noodles. North district is famous for its most fashionable cafeteria. West district is the heaven for a group of canteen hobbyists and in median space, every day there are a lot of people form a line for its Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles.


2. Key word: largest


Zhejiang University is regarded to have the largest canteen in Asian. There are in total three storeys which can contain nearly 30,000people. Gorgeous, splendid and grad, total cost of the building is up to 0.31 billion.


3. Key word: quantity


Tsinghua University has 22 canteens in total which is regarded to be the most in China. One kind of food one day, you will never have the same kind in a month. If you like roast fish or fried mutto, then go to Lanyuan; if you like egg cake or Lotus leaf porridge then go to Nanyuan ; if you like to try Sizzling rice or spicy hot pot then go to Guanzhuyuan. You can every thing except something  that you can’t think of.


4. Keyword: be in vogue


The canteen in Tongji University enjoys its reputation with its pock chop in Sweet and Sour Sauce which has also ever been invited to attend the famous TV show in China. The price is also affordable for a student. Other people can also enjoy it easily.


5. Keyword: special flavor


Minzu University of China is a comprehensive university in which the students are from each nations in China. Thus in order to cater to different flavor the university has various special flavor for food. Specialty canteen is the most famous with totally 14 windows of flavors including Sichuan, Yunnan, Chongqing, Yangzhou , north Korea, Japan and so on. The choices varies for the students to try. 


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