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Mt. Zipeng National Forest Park
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Mt. Zipeng, also called Mt. Lee Ling, locates 18 km southwest from Hefei downtown. The altitude of its main peak is 188.7 m. The whole mountain is covered with dense forest, thus in 1992, it was entitled as Mt. Zipeng National Forest Park. It is a popular scenery sites combines both natural beauty and historical relics.

As Mt. Zipeng lies on a transition zone between north subtropical climate and warm wet climate, it is rich in biology resources. Its forest remains its original look, which covers an area of over 100 square kilometers and stretches 25km from west to east. And there is a large variety of wild creatures – over 100 species wild animals including 80 species birds. 

Besides, it has abundant culture relics as well like Xilu Temple, varied Buddha Figurines and Wenchang Pavilion, etc.

?Xilu Temple was built in the period of Three Kingdoms as a memorial temple for ancestor Lee Ling, thus its original name was Lee Ling Temple. It got the name “Xilu” during the Tang Dynasty. However, with the alternating of different dynasties, Xilu Temple was badly destroyed in war. Until the time reached middle of 19th century, one of the former officers of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom rebuilt the temple and became a great master.

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