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Baogong Memorial Hall & Graveyard
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Baogong Memorial Hall & Graveyard is a famous historical attractions in Hefei as a remembrance of Baogong, a famous high-ranking official in Song Dynasty.

Baogong is a respected title for Bao Zheng, a famous high-ranking official in Song Dynasty, who personified excellent management, integrity and discipline. Baogong Memorial Hall was built in 1488 as a remembrance of his great deeds. 

Baogong Memorial Hall locates on a peninsula stretches from and is parallel to the south bank of Bao River. The memorial hall is a closed architecture with three buildings. The main building is the Baogong Hall, in which a whole-body statue of Baogong sits up straight with a demure expression. A winding corridor stretches on the west side of the hall. A few steps to the east of the hall, there is a hexagonal pavilion, with a well in it the water in which been called “Honest Spring”. It is said that, person who are greedy will feel headache after drinking the water. 

Baogong Graveyard is adjacent the memorial hall, which covers an area of 1,200 square meters. The whole graveyard can be divided into three parts – the Main Tomb Zone, the Adhere Tomb Zone and the Management Area.

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