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Sanhe Ancient Town
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Sanhe Ancient Town locates on the south part of Feixi County, about 40 km away from Hefei City. It is the join point of Fengle River, Hangbu River and Xin River, hence the name – in Chinese “Sanhe” means "Three Rivers”. It covers an area of 2.9 square kilometers, its history can be dated back to 2500 years ago. 

Sanhe is the biggest port of the county and also the important fort of land and water communications on the west bank of Chaohu Lake. The town built along the river, stretches about 3 km. Buildings of the town are mainly built in Ming and Qing Dynasty style, and streets are narrow and paving in cordierite plates. 

This ancient town once to be a battlefield since the Spring and Autumn period due to its special geographical position. With the time went by, only few ruins of ancient walls and weapons, which buried under the deep ground been kept. 

Since the Tang Dynasty, Sanhe Ancient Town was a busy commercial port focused on rice trading. Besides, it was also a distributing center of timber and various household supplies. Nowadays, with the development of the modern commodity economy and tourism, Sanhe is turning a brand new page.

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