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Experience China Cultural Event to Promote Mutual Understanding Between China and Australia

The "Experience China" culture event will promote better understanding between China and Australia, Minister Counselor at the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy in Australia, Ke Yasha told Xinhua reporter in an exclusive interview.

"Experience China" - The Year of Chinese Culture in Australia is the largest series of cultural events initiated by the Chinese government in Australia to date, and it consists of a series of cultural activities ranging from performing arts projects, visual arts exhibitions to film festivals.

The event aims at strengthening the friendly relations between Australia and China, as well as promoting the mutual understanding between people in the two nations.

"To gain a better understanding between the two peoples through cultural exchanges is the best way to do so," Minister Ke told Xinhua.

The year of Chinese Culture in Australia will showcase the gems of China's traditional as well as contemporary culture to present a panoramic picture of China to the Australian people.

According to Ke, there will be "90 to 100 high quality cultural performances" through the year of Chinese Culture in Australia, and the highlights will include the opening ceremony performance " the Legend of Shangri La", which is a modern ingenious stage performance done by a famous Chinese dancer Yang Liping and her team.

Ke also said the world famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang will give a recital concert in the Sydney Opera House, and a ballet called "the Last Emperor" performed by the Chinese famous Lao Ning ballet dance company will be held in Australia.

Minister Ke said he believes the conflicts between Muslim countries and the Western world at present is caused by lack of understanding of each other's culture.

"I do support the cultural exchanges that are helping people to get a better understanding," he said.

"So the year of Chinese Culture in Australia and also the year of Australian Culture in China will definitely help to solve this issue."

The Year of Chinese Culture in Australia will officially fall between June 2011 and June 2012. The event came after the year of Australian Culture in China, which will officially conclude in June of this year.

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