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China Briefing 1/12 ‘China’s Economic Outlook 2012

Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide held the first China Briefing in 2012. Leesa Vlahos MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier, officially launched the 2012 China Briefing series, starting with this first China Briefing. Dr Minquan Liu stressed that education and health are the key to any economic development in China in the long run. Mr Steve Barclay gave a passionate presentation about Hong Kong’s attractiveness to Australian businesses and its role in China’s economic development and Professor Christopher Findlay AM rounded off the event by offering an excellent summary of the numerous sectors in Australia affected by China’s economic development, the huge growth potential in many sectors in Australia and the structural changes and awareness needed to support and strengthen South Australia’s relationship with China.

The topic raised overwhelming interest from the business community, government and education sector. 135 guests attended the Briefing.

Presentations (hyperlink) offered by two of the three speakers, the speakers’ bio (hyperlink) and the video (hyperlink) of the event are now available for downloading from the Confucius Institute website ( Briefings/Past Briefings)

Professor Liu Minquan spoke on China Briefing

China Briefing by Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide.

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