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5-year-old Chinese Girl Was Thrown into a Swimming Pool by a Foreigner

A New Zealander is being taken away by police after tossing a young girl into a swimming pool in Jinan, Shandong province, Sunday.
By Mei Jingya, Sina English
A New Zealand national, believed in his 50s, tossed a 5-year-old Chinese girl into a swimming pool for "her bumping into him" in Jinan, capital city of E China's Shandong province on July 1, the provincial newspaper Qilu Evening News reported.
The little girl's grandmother told reporters that the accident happened in a hotel's swimming pool Sunday afternoon.
"It's intolerable," the girl's grandma said while speaking out her indignation towards the foreigner’s outrageous behavior.
The foreigner reportedly did this after the girl accidentally touched him while swimming. A Chinese man managed to catch the falling girl, who was not hurt but felt frightened and depressed after what happened.
Witnesses say the girl's mother had a quarrel with the New Zealander after the incident. The foreigner reacted rudely, cursed in English and even tried to start a fight.
The man was taken away by security. Local police said later that the man is a foreign lecturer hired by a university.

The last new is that the man and his wife have visited the girl's family , appologized and left 20,000 for compensation.