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Top Place for Foreign Students to Spend Summer Vocation in China

From June 25- Aug 23 ,is the summer vocation for almost all the universities in China. 2 months duration, really a long time. May be for the ticket expense reason or just want to know more abt china, u choose to spend your vocation here in china finally. Then u can choose the place below to enjoy your happy day then.

Hainan Scenery


Hainan Island is located in the south of Leizhou Peninsula; with an area of 32200 square kilometers, it is the second largest island of China. At the same time, it is also the only tropical island of China that boasts “numerous flowers in all the seasons and during all the times, and long summer and no winter”. The temperature conditions here are very special and the annual average temperature is about 25 centi degree, so it has long been called the "Hot Island". There is abundant rainfall in the island, which amounts to more than 1600mm or so in a year. Rainfall sees its climax season in August and September, with rainstorms and typhoon intervened sometimes. The surrounding areas of Hainan Island are also featuring beautiful seaside sceneries.

Sanya in the southern part of Hainan Island, usually called "Oriental Hawaii", is the most beautiful place on the island. In the east of Sanya City, Yalong Bay is located here, which is renowned as the most beautiful bay of China. This is the best place for visitors to enjoy sunshine, beach and sea water to their heart's content. The poetic and picturesque scenic spot of Tianya Haijiao displays a feast of beauty. There is a large accumulation of grand grotesque stones. In addition, Yalong Bay is also a sea floor garden where visitors can enjoy the colorful coral in the shallow sea. Furthermore, Sanya also has the scenic spots such as Large and Small Cave Heavens, ancient city of Yazhou, sites of Luobidong ancient man of Sanya and so on. All of them are embedded with profound historical culture. Hainan Island also has many natural scenic spots as Changpo seaweed breeding farm, Dongshanling mountain range, Dongjiao coconut forest, Wuzhi Mountain, Nanhai Monkey Island, Luhuitou, so on and so forth.

Hainan Island is a precious island where there are abundant underground mineral reserves, for example, Shilu Rich Iron Ore, Yangjiaoling Crystal Deposit and so on. What's more, on the land of Hainan Island, you can find almost all the tropical plants. The island also exports rubber, coffee, coca, coconut, areca nut, pepper and other products. In the nearby sea of the island, there are many kinds of fishes. Here, the fishery sources are very rich. Various fishes, lobster, prawn, etc. featured by the tropical ocean can all be caught here.

The handcrafts of Hainan Island are endowed with a long history and very profound local characters. The geographical location that is by the side of South China Sea brings the place with many ocean biological specimens as coral, shell and so on. The handcrafts with the most distinguishing Hainan character must be coconut carvings which are featured by fine carving techniques and creative model and design. The local unique delicacies of Hainan Island includes Wenchang fowl, Jiaji duck, Hele crab, Dongshan goat of Hainan, to name just a few.