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Translating the yin and yang of TCM


Traditional Chinese medicine, involving concepts of yin and yang, balance and harmony, has been keeping people healthy for more than 2,000 years and practitioners want to share traditional healing with more people around the world. TCM already has a following in many countries and acupuncture is widely recognized as a useful treatment for various conditions, notably pain management. Still, it'...

TCM Treasures - Cong bai 葱白


Cong bai, the white part between a spring onion's green leaves and its root, is a popular food and traditional Chinese medicine, used to treat ailments such as colds, dysentery, acute mastitis, urinary problems, and headaches and stomachache caused by chills. It is a "warm" herb that is said to promote yang energy flow. Cheap and available in any market, cong bai has been a first aid mains...

Seeking a Balance


Foot reflexology, or foot massage, has become a popular way to relax and fight stress. It has been reported that even Princess Diana and Prince Charles had their feet massaged once a week. Find out what is making this ancient old therapy so hot.According to Newsweek magazine, in the article "The Queen of Style" in the edition commemorating the life of Diana, wrote: "In the end, Diana looked les...

Little-known TCM magic (Ⅱ)


Herbal stick poundingZhen ting, literally "shaking a stick," is an ancient therapy to relieve pain caused by trauma. It involves pounding the sore area with a small wooden stick. Yu learned from Dr Wang Yuezhen of Shuguang Hospital and invented her own therapy for sore joints, tendons and muscles, combined with zhen ting, acupuncture, moxibustion and fomentation (applying warm towels on the af...

Little-known TCM magic (Ⅰ)


UNUSUAL, non-mainstream therapies from traditional Chinese medicine's bag of tricks are recognized and now are being taught. Zhang Qian investigates. In martial arts there's often an unexpected master who produces an unlikely and obscure weapon just in the nick of time. That's not only true in kung fu but also in traditional Chinese medicine where little-known therapies have been developed out...

Cool Herbal Tea


Cool herbal tea is a drink made from decocted Chinese herbal medicines that are cool in property or capable of removing internal heat from the human body. The drink is made to drive away the heat inside the human body in summer or to cure the sore throat caused by dryness in winter and other illnesses. Actually, cool herbal tea is not “tea” in the general sense, but the decocted Chinese herb...

Theories Behind Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) stresses yin and yang. Sizhen and bagang are the bases of TCM, and they guide diagnoses and treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can be traced back to ancient times. Over several thousands of years, Chinese people have accumulated a wealth of experience in treating illnesses, and thus creating an integrated system of theories; such as the theori...

Eat cool in summer


In the West, people tend to think of food in terms of calories but in traditional Chinese medicine it's the warming or cooling attributes of food that matters and in summer that is most important. The seasons of the year play a role in selecting which foods you choose to eat. A lot of us change our eating habits in summer. In traditional Chinese medicine, summer is a time when "Yang energy" pr...

Chinese Traditional Concept of Health Preserving


Health preserving is a concept in Chinese traditional medicine to enhance physical fitness, prevent diseases, postpone aging and prolong the life by spiritual toning, therapeutic diets and medicated diet, healthy exercises and other methods. Such concept takes the natural point of view in ancient China as the theoretical basis, such as Five Elements Theory, Yin-yang Theory, Pneumatism and Connec...

Little-known ancient recipes: flowers in food, beauty in hand


Flowers are making a cuisine comeback, after many years of silence since modern cosmetic products took them over for toiletries. In addition to the herb teas that yoga enthusiasts would recommend, flower foods are experiencing renewed popularity in the country's kitchens. After all, the history of flowers being considered the magic key to silky smooth skin for women dates back about 2,300 years ...

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