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Precaution against bird flu


According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, H7N9 bird flu virus has already killed 20 people in the country so far this year and the total number of infections is 96. East China's Zhejiang province has seen the highest number of deaths, 12. East China's Zhejiang province, Shanghai and South China's Guangdong province, the comparatively higher incidence areas, have found 8...

No problems with hepatitis vaccine


Samples of 1,315 vaccine shots manufactured in six batches by domestic producer BioKangtai had been tested as of Jan. 14, the China Food and Drug Administration and the National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a joint statement. All samples met the standards of enterprise registration and the national pharmacopoeia, the two agencies said. Analysis showed the 17 deaths had nothing...

Newly available therapy gains popularity on Chinese mainland


Cheng is the president of the Taipei-based Children's Hearing Foundation, which has been cooperating with the China Rehabilitation and Research Center for Deaf Children since 2008 to promote auditory-verbal therapy on the mainland. The foundation is the first and only organization worldwide that has transformed AVT from English into Mandarin, despite the great difference between the languages. ...

Guard against stomach problems in the cold


Warm foods are recommended in winter, and spleen-benefiting herbs are advised to add to soups. Jessie Chen will never forget having to stick a nuan bao bao (bandage that emits heat under the clothes) every day on her stomach once she became ill. The 27-year-old white-collar worker recently suffered from continuous vomiting that was diagnosed by the doctor as acute stomach inflammation. Non...

Eating Your Way to a Longer, Healthier Life


An increasing number of people are realizing the importance of a healthy diet, and they are wondering if certain foods can help prolong their lives. Fan Zhihong, a professor with Beijing Agricultural University's food department, offers some suggestions. Preventing Cancer Some medical studies indicate that many nutritious vegetables can help prevent cancer. In terms of their ability to prev...

Autumn Health-Care


The solar term following the Major Heat is the Start of Autumn, which signifies the coming of the terrible, desolate autumn. From the Start of Autumn, temperatures begin to drop. But because of the influence of the terrible, desolate “Indian Summer,” in some regions in China sweltering weather will not come to an end until late September, almost as if that is when autumn really starts. S...

The basic theory of TCM


The Five elements, the five internal organs, the five flavors, the five colors, the five sense organs, and the five annual divisions are all closely related. Adaptation of them to daily life would realize health maintaining. Here is the brief introduction of their relations. 1. The five elements and the five internal organsThe details of the relation between the five elements and the five inter...

The five flavors and the five internal organs


1. Sour nurtures liverFood of sour flavor is effective to strengthen digestive function, and protect the liver. Taking sour regularly helps to kill the hungry germs, prevent cold, reduce blood pressure, and soften blood vessel. Foods like sour plum, pomegranate, tomato, hawthorn, and orange containing much vitamin C, are cancer protective, aging anti, and arteriosclerosis preventative. 2. Bitt...

The Five Eements and the fIve Internal Organs


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) thinks that the organic human body is a constituted complex unity, taking the five internal organs as the core with the six hollow organs as the coordinate, meridian as mesh connecting the tissue and the organs, which forms five main systems. This is one part of systematic theory of TCM. Therefore, the relation among the five organs and the promotion betwee...

TCM demand grows globally


Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, holds a unique place in Chinese healthcare, which is widely accepted by the 1.3 billion Chinese - old and young, urban and rural. Nowadays, it's also growing in popularity in Western markets, where many want to pursue a more natural lifestyle. International drugmakers are exploring ways, including joint ventures and co-development partnerships, to combine ...

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