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EU Sanctions on Sharif University

       On December 23, president of Iran's prestigious Sharif University of Technology, Reza Roosta-Azad, said Sunday that inclusion of Sharif University in the recent European Union ( EU) sanctions against the Islamic republic "makes us happier" .

  In response to the continued nuclear activities of the Islamic republic, the EU on Saturday adopted additional sanctions on one Iranian national and 18 entities including oil, finance and insurance companies said to be involved in or supporting Iran's nuclear activities.
  The sanction list also includes the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, which was said to have violated the provisions of UN and EU sanctions against the country.
  Roosta-Azad said that "Sharif University has been in the sanctions list for years and these sanctions make us happier," according to the report.
  Putting sanctions on Sharif University indicates that its activities have been very effective, he was quoted as saying.
        The EU sanctions will have no impact on the programs and activities of the university, he added.