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Chinese Community Christmas charity bazaar raises funds for Athens' homeless

Dec. 9 the annual Chinese Community Christmas charity bazaar was hosted in Athens on Sunday, reaffirming the friendship, cooperation and mutual respect between China and Greece.
In show of solidarity with Greek citizens who have been severely affected by the financial crisis over the past three years, Chinese expats living in Greece are donating all the proceeds raised during the bazaar to the Athens' Homeless Reception Centre operated by the City of Athens.
"By organizing this charity bazaar Chinese communities in Greece wish to express their solidarity and love and return the support Greek people have given to them. They want to send the message that we can overcome the crisis together," Chinese Ambassador to Greece Du Qiwen said in his opening address."The local Chinese community are citizens of Athens. They want to be part of the efforts made by the municipal government and by the local society to try to be of help to the most needy," he explained
Chinese communities in Greece have supported good causes in many occasions over the past few years undertaking various initiatives in order to give back to their second "homeland".
On behalf of the City of Athens, Deputy Mayor Fotis Provatas expressed the gratitude of Greek authorities' and people.
Greek university students Aliki Gotsi and Iro Papaspyrou were in particular impressed with the cultural performances of Chinese folk music and dancing and Chinese calligraphy.
Interested in China, Chinese peoples, the history and civilization, they have taken up Chinese language lessons and attend most Greek-Chinese events in Athens over the past few years.
"I would like to learn more about China and Chinese peoples, so I start from learning the language and I intend to learn more about Chinese literature and culture," Aliki told Xinhua.