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Chinese Culture Festival Held by Confucius Institute at Kyung Hee University

On November 12-14, Confucius Institute (CI) at Kyung Hee University in Korea held the Chinese Culture Festival on the University’s International Campus. Counselor An Yuxiang from the Chinese Embassy in South Korea, Vice Mayor Lee Jae-Joon of Suwon City, Vice President Wu Zelie of Kyung Hee University and Vice Dean Cheng Ye of International School of Tongji University attended and addressed the Opening Ceremony.

The Chinese Culture Festival captured great attention of the local media. KBS TV reported on the Opening Ceremony of the Festival. Yongin Associated Press gave detailed a report about the Chinese Culture Festival titled “All Chinese Cultures Gather Here”. The local media believed the festival offered an opportunity for the university faculty and students and local residents to directly experience and learn the Chinese culture. It would help the people understand the Chinese culture and promote cultural exchanges between the two nations.