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Jianfu Temple in Shaanxi Province
By admin on 2015-02-04

Jianfu Temple 荐福寺 was built it in 684 to bless Emperor Gaozong after his death. It was originally named Xianfu Temple, and renamed as Jianfu Temple in 690.

The main attraction in this temple is the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, which was built between 707 and 709 in the Tang Zhongzong Jinglong Era. The pagoda originally had 15 floors but its top was shaken off to only 43.3 meters high after the earthquake in Shaanxi in 1556. The tower’s arc doors were made with blue stone from and its lintels were carved finely, which is the artistic pith of the stone inscription of the Tang Dynasty.

The temple also houses "Morning Bell of Yanta Tower". The big 8000 kilogram iron bell is built 1192 and 3.55 metres high and 2.5 metres in diameter.

Around the pagoda are more than 10 ancient kiosks, platforms, buildings, pavilions halls and houses arranged magnificent symmetry. In the garden, there are shading greenery, and old trees on both sides of the path. The compound is very sequestered with exhibition rooms, among which the folklore Room that shows the ancient colorful folklore culture and popular industrial arts all over Shaanxi Province.

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