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A Glance of those Funny University Associations
By Stella on 2016-08-12

School: Harbin University Of Science And Technology

Cold Jest Association

One student to another: "How are your English lessons coming along?" "Fine. I used to be one who couldn't understand the English men, and now it's the English men who can't understand me."


Members in Cold Jest Association are enthusiastic about collecting all kinds of cold jest and speak in front of the meeting. Top three who win the highest clamps can get a prize---an ice cream. It is said that every year the association would hole an activity---to appreciate the ice sculpture while speaking cold jest.


School: Renmin University of China, RUC

Hanfu Association


Hanfu clothing is the traditional clothing of the Han Chinese (Han -the predominant ethnic group of China). It's the significant cultural symbol of Chinese civilization, and it has had a long history for nearly 5000 years since China originally began.


Affected by the granny chic in recent years, Hanfu is popular among youngsters, among which the Hanfu Association in Renmin University of china is one f them.


 汉服1.jpg     汉服 2.jpg



School: South China University of Technology,South China Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University, SYSU

DV Association


The biggest feature of this association is that they only shoot horror films. All the members are hobbiest of thrillers. They have ever shot a short movie which all the gruesome scenes are in the toilet in the midnight. Those are are fond of this special hobby can never miss it!


University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Improvisation drama Association


Cola-ice Improvisation drama association is the first professional Improvisation drama Associations among china’s universities. Sometimes the audience is the creator of their script. There, you can totally release yourself and perform whatever you like.



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