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Yue Fei —— Great Hero
By sophia on 2016-06-06

Yue Fei (1103 -- 1142),  was an eminent general during the southern song dynasty. born into a poor family, he was studious, brave and intelligent. he was especially devoted to his mother. before his departure to defend his country against the jin army, his mother tattooed four characters 'jin zhong bao guo' on his back to exhort him to serve his homeland with loyalty. he fought the jin army with great courage for ten years and won every battle. he has become a national hero for his bravery.


Now here is an article by Yue Fei where his patriotism and ambitions are showed thoroughly.


Hair on End
(Tune: “The River All Red”)

Yue Fei
Hair on end and shoving my hat,
In wrath I lean on th’ balustrade,
While th’ rain leaves off its pitter-pat.
Eyes fixed skyward, I sign long and loud.
A hero’s fury fills my breast.
At thirsty, nothing achieved, unknown,
—but these to me are light as dust—
I’ve fought through eight-thousand li
Holding the field, under cloud and moon.
What I do mind, is not to let
My young head turn white in vain,
And be gnawed by empty sorrow then.

 t012389839339f5a91d.jpg   With the Jingkang Humiliation yet
          Unavenged, unredressed,
     How can a subject’s grievance be
        Ever effaced from memory?
   I’ll send war-chariots rough-shod
   Through the gorges of Mt. Helan;
To quench my thirst, I’d drink the blood
  Of Huns, while laugh and chat I can;
   Heroic minded, to satiate hunger,
 I would make Tartars’ flesh my fare.

’Til our lost land is all retrieved,
Then to the Imperial Palace, there
I’ll make obeisance, relieved!


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