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Chinese Ping Pang Legend: the Sun Will Never Set
By Stella on 2016-08-17

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games is in full swing now. Athletes from different countries all cut a conspicuous figure in the gym, among which, the Chinese Ping Pang team can be a legend in Olympic history. Even though the audience know the result, they will get great pleasure in the game. Now let’s take a look of some of the popular athletes in this Olympic Games:

 马龙 战力表.jpg


  1.  MA LONG

Nick name: Chinese beast

Graduate school: Shanghai Jiaotong University

Playing style Right-handed, shakehand grip

2016 Olympic Games The men's singles champion


Wiki introduction: As the capital of China men’s ping pang team, Ma is arguably the best two-winged looper in table tennis history. His serves appear to be traditional pendulum serves, but are some of the most visually deceptive in the world.By winning the gold medal in Rio, Ma etched himself a place as an immortal figure in table tennis history. He became the fifth male player to complete the Grand Slam, and the second male to be the the defending champion of all three Grand Slam competitions simultaneously (Zhang being the first). (


In daily life Ma is a quiet and somewhat shy boy. As the capital of the team, he thinks a lot about the team and himself. But he seldom speaks out and bury all things inside. He takes great interest in transformers and has collected a lot of Garage Kit. He is like the ordinary person around us who laughs loudly and likes beer and chicken. But on the field, he is a real dragon, which belongs to China, and also belongs to the future.



张继科 帝国.jpg


Nick name: Tibetan Mastiff

Graduate school: Tianjin University of Science and Technology

Playing style Right-handed, shakehand grip

Silver gold winner of 2016 Olympic Games ,Ping Pang for men's single


Wiki introduction: Zhang Jike is a Butterfly sponsored athlete. He uses Butterfly Viscaria for his blade, a Butterfly Tenergy 64 (red) on his backhand, and DHS Hurricane 3 neo National blue sponge (black) on his forehand.Zhang Jike is a two-winged shakehand attacker, using a combination of quick topspin drive attacks, counters, and loops. He is primarily a speed-oriented player, using the harder blue sponge H3 pagal for maximum drive. He stays very low to the ground and is exceptionally quick on his feet.


In 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the conversation between Zhang Jike and his coach Liu guoliang aroused much attention among the audience. It is because that on the game with Japanese athlete, Zhang lost in the first board. Liu was hurried and said to Zhang: wake up! It’s on the game! It is said that before game, Zhang was still sleeping and appears sleepy on the game. We don’t know if it is the truth but he sure attracted much attention afterwards. He lost no points in the following boards and finally won the game.



dingning 2.jpg


School: Shanghai University of Sport

Playing style Left-handed, shakehand grip

Silver gold winner of 2016 Olympic Games ,Ping Pang for women's single


Wiki introduction:She was the winner of women's singles in the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships. She won the women's table tennis singles gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics. At the 2015 World Table Tennis Championships, Ding Ning won her second world title in women's singles by defeating her compatriot Liu Shiwen 4-3 in the final. She won gold medal at the Rio Olympics where she beat compatriot Li Xiaoxia in a thrilling women's singles final.


It was Ding's second world championships title after she triumphed in 2011 worlds held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands."I definitely didn't want to give up since I had come so far. I just wanted to give out all my strength in this match. Finally I won the match and I feel that it is just like a dream," Ding said of her injury.Ding's title is also China's 11th straight women's singles title at the world championships. Chinese women have monopolized the event since 1995, with Deng Yaping winning twice straight, Wang Nan three times in a row, Zhang Yining and Ding twice, Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia once.(xinhua)




Ping Pang can be a national ball game in China and thus many universities have ping pang associations. Every year there will be various matches among universities students, it’s also worth to watch. In china you can also enjoy high level f Ping Pang training which can be compared with the national team.Come and find the potential inside you!

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