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ways to integrate into Chinese style life
By Stella on 2016-08-24

1. Prepare for change


You may think it is easy to take a card to go shopping. But sometimes when you buy some small snacks it may not be convenient to use the card. You’d better prepare some changes or if you have Alipay. Places like in Hangzhou or Ningbo, you can go everywhere just with your mobile phone.


 2. Get up early and experience the morning market


You can buy fresh and cheap vegetables and fruits in the morning market. It can be a custom for Chinese people especially the old who are accustomed to getting up early and go training.


3. Bargain with people


When you go to the local market or clothes shop, you can bargain with them. It is not easy to get benefit from the shoppers but if you can lower the price even for one cent , you will have much gratification.


4. Buy a lot of books as many as you like


In China the price of the books is relatively much lower than other countries especially like US or Japan, so you can buy as many as you like. But considering the luggage when you go back home, it’s also an easy way for you to lend books.


5. Be accustomed to cooking rather than outing


Chinese food has attracted many foreigners’ heart. So you won’t be satisfied to just eat outside. Look at the instructions on the internet and try to cook by yourself. It may be a catastrophe at the beginning, but you will treasure when you go back home with the skill of cooking some of the chinese food.


6. Put the dishes in the middle and share with others


Chinese families used to sit around the table and eat together. It’s a bit different from the western single dish style. Foreigners may not accept this style for the first time but later on they will be accustomed to share together, after all who can resist the temptation of all these delicacy. But remember it only happens in a family or among friends.



As the saying goes, the best way to integrate into a culture is to do as the local people do. Every culture has its own features and it is also a precious experience to live like local people. Share your experience of being like a local person with us!

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