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Taiwan University favored by mainland students

Taiwan University, a top-ranked university on the island, has outperformed other Taiwanese universities in attracting applicants for postgraduate study from the Chinese mainland.

The application procedure for mainland students bidding for places on postgraduate programs in Taiwan has recently concluded, and among the 500-plus valid applications, more than 400 were for Taiwan University, according to new figures from the island's university entrance committee.

In addition to Taiwan University, Chengchi, Cheng Kung and the Hsinchu-based Tsing Hua universities were also among the most attractive universities for mainland students.

Popular majors among mainland students included electronic information, finance and economics, law, and business management, the committee said.

This year's online application for postgraduate programs started in January and ended on March 14, and mainland students were able to choose from 82 Taiwanese public and private institutions.

Under a quota system, up to 2,000 mainland students will be granted places on undergraduate and postgraduate programs on the island.

Taiwan universities opened their doors to mainland students in 2011, in line with an initiative to increase cross-Taiwan-Strait understanding among students from both sides. 

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