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More Work Need Be Done for Quality Education

More Work Need Be Done for Quality Education
Chinese children are becoming more independent, but their parents and teachers are still unclear what the "quality education" is meant for.

This is disclosed by a one-year survey on the quality of Chinese children's education, which made its results public here Thursday.

The survey, carried out by China Children's Center, investigated 42,000 children and their parents in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Quality education is the country's strategy to stress the training of children's comprehensive ability instead of focusing only on their performance in study.

The survey shows that most children are sociable, concerned with society and environmental protection, and have practical outlook on life. Their favorite careers are teacher, doctor and scientist.

Children are less interested in learning in classes, do little housework and have little play time.

Parents and teachers do not understand what quality education looks for. Over half surveyed parents select "enter a college or university" as their expectation for their children, followed by " live a happy life," and then "be a useful person to the society and the country."

Many parens put it top priority for their children to strive for higher scores, overlooking training of children's ability of coordination, exchanges and cooperation.

Over 32 percent of the teachers think quality education should be carried out by specially arranged teachers, and have no idea that they should play their own part in the drive.
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