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2009 Top 50 Medical Schools of China Universities

2009 Top 50 Medical Schools  of China Universities


 Grade  University  Location
 1  A++  Peking University  Beijing
 2  A++  Tsinghua University  Beijing
 3  A++  Fudan University  Shanghai
 4  A++  Shanghai Jiaotong University  Shanghai
 5  A+  Sun Yet-San University  Guangdong
 6  A+  Zhejiang University Zhejiang  
 7  A Huazhong University of Science and Technology   Hubei
 8  A  Sichuan University  Sichuan
 9  A  Capital Medical University Beijing  
 10  A  Central South University Hunan  
 11  A  China Medical University  Beijing
 12  A  Southern Medical University Guangdong  
 13  A  China Pharmaceutical University  Jiangsu
 14  B+  Wuhan University Hubei  
 15  B+  Shenyang Pharmaceutical University Liaoning  
 16  B+  Nanjing Medical University Jiangsu  
 17  B+  Xi'an Jiaotong University Shaanxi  
 18  B+  Beijing University of Chinese Medicine  Beijing
 19  B+  Nanjing University Jiangsu  
 20  B+  Shandong University Shandong  
 21  B+  Harbin Medical University Heilongjiang  
 22  B+  Hebei Medical University Hebei
 23  B  Anhui Medical University  Anhui  
 24  B  Chongqing Medical University Chongqing  
 25  B  Tianjin Medical University Tianjin  
 26  B  Jilin University Jilin  
 27  B  Suzhou University Suzhou  
 28  B  Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine  Shanghai
 29  B  Jinan University  Guangdong
 30  B  Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Guangdong  
 31  B  Lanzhou University Gansu  
 32  B  Zhengzhou University Henan  
 33  B  Shantou University  Guangdong
 34  C+  Fujian Medical University Fujian  
 35  C+  Southeast University  Nanjing
 36  C+  Wenzhou Medical College  Zhejiang
 37  C+  Guangzhou Medical College Guangdong  
 38  C+  Dalian Medical University  Liaoning
 39  C+  Xuzhou Medical College  Jiangsu
 40  C+  Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine  Jiangsu
 41  C+  Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine  Heilongjiang
 42  C+  Tongji University Shanghai  
 43  C+  Xiamen University Xiamen  
 44  C+  Guangxi Medical University Guangxi  
 45  C+  Shanxi Medical University Shanxi  
 46  C+  Qingdao University Shandong  
 47  C  Kunming Medical College Yunnan  
 48  C  Guangdong Medical College Guangdong  
 49  C

 Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

 50  C  Nantong University Jiangsu  
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