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Short-term Chinese Language Course at Xi’an Jiaotong University

Course Introduction:
Duration: 1-3 Months.
Compulsory courses---Comprehensive Chinese, spoken Chinese, Chinese listening.
Elective courses---Chinese history and culture, Tai Chi, Calligraphy, etc.
Class Duration: 20 credit hours / week.
Class: Elementary Chinese, intermediate Chinese, and advanced Chinese language classes.
Language and cultural practice:
Field trips are organized for short term Chinese language students to historical places around the city. These are targeted at providing them with opportunity to practice Chinese language and learn about Chinese culture.
Preliminary requisite:
1. Above 18 years of age, & with good health status.
2. A valid, ordinary passport.
Application time: Through out the year.
Application Materials:
2) Two photocopies of your valid passport (Passport type must be ordinary), and two recent passport size photographs.
3) An application fee of RMB 500 (non-refundable).
*Note: The application materials will not be returned disregard to successful admission or not. Certificates other than in Chinese or English language must be translated to Chinese or English by a legitimate notary authority.
Fee Structure:
1) Application fee: RMB 500 (non-refundable).
2) Tuition fee:
Duration           1 Month   2 Months   3 Months
Tuition fee[RMB]    4,000      5,500      7,000
3) Accommodation fee:
Grade One Single           RMB80/day
Grade One Double          RMB65/day/person
Grade Two Single           RMB65/day/person
Grade Two Double          RMB36/day/person
*Note: The rooms are provided with attached bathroom, telephone set, TV set, air conditioner, central heating, study desk, chair, wardrobe, bed and bedding, and an internet access socket. The grading for building type is based on total surface area and added accessories. There is a common kitchen on every floor, provided with an electric stove and a washing machine.
Application procedure:
Admission Notification:
Admission Notification:
After examining the application, the admission office will make a decision on admission notification. The successful candidates will be provided with an admission notice, a JW202 form (Visa application form), a health examination form and a guide form to the campus. These documents will be posted to the permanent postal address of the applicants.
*Usually the students are required to report at the admission office with their admission notice and other documents at the start of new session or as specified on their admission notice. Failure to do so with in three weeks will be regarded as forfeiting the admission.
Contact Information:
Xingqing Campus:Admission Office, School of International Education A920 Yi Fu Foreign Language Building Xi’an Jiaotong University, No. 28 Xianning West Road, Xian City Shaanxi Province, 710049, P.R. China
Telephone: +86 571 88165512