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   Xianyang Municipality is located in Guanzhong Plain, Shaanxi Province, with Weihe River running in the south and Zongshan Mountain in the north. Both mountain and water face sun, hence the name of Xianyang. To the east it adjoins Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province, to the west, Yangling High-tech Agricultural Demonstration Zone and to the north-west, Gansu Province. There are 2 districts, one county-level city and 10 counties under administration of the Xianyang Municipality with total area of 10,189 square kilometers and the total population of 4, 95 million untill the year of 2014. The natural scenery in Xianyang is beautiful, and four seasons are very distinct. It possesses abundant products and enjoys advantage of transportation location and is the first stop of ancient Silk Road in China. It is also one of the key positions in central area to the north-west of China. Xianyang has a history of more than 2350 years. It is one of the class A opening city, state-level historical and cultural city, state health-care city, attractive city of China, geothermal city of China, top ten livable city in China and top tourist city of China.

  Xianyang, with good transportation location, is a new hub of state dimensional transportation net.

  Xianyang is located in the center of the territory of China, and is the geodetic origin of the P.R. China. It is one of the most important strategic cities in west China from ancient time. Today’s Xianyang is the most convenient city in north -west China to connect the world. Xianyang international airport is one of the six large air harbors in China and the biggest air harbor in west China and inland export harbor. From here you can get more than 40 cities within one hour across china. There are 9 railways and 6 expressways going through Xianyang from four directions. The biggest railway station in Asia, which is under construction, is next to Xianyang. The two express railways, which will be constructed very soon, meet in Xianyang only. One is from Beijing to Kunming, the other is from Urumqi to Shanghai. Xianyang will be very important city, where you can get other big inland cities in China within one day travel. At that time, it will take 4 hours from Xianyang to Beijing by train and 5 hours to Shanghai. That will bring opportunity to the economy development of Xianyang.

  Xianyang, with long history and rich culture, is a natural museum of Chinese civilization.

  Xianyang is the birth place of Chinese history and culture, and starting place of Qin and Han culture. Emperor Qinshihuang chose Xianyang as its capital, and made Xianyang the first ancient capital of China. And let Xianyang a well-known place for every Chinese people. You can find bricks of Qin Dynasty and tiles of Han Dynasty everywhere in Xianyang. There are 4951 historical sites in Xianyang, such as Changling Mausoleum of Emperor Han Gaozu, Yangling Mausoleum of Emperor Han Jingdi, Maoling Mausoleum of Emperor Han Wudi, Zhaoling Mausoleum of Emperor Tang taizong, and Qianling Mausoleum of Emperor Tang Gaozong and empress Wu Zetian. Altogether 28 emperors’ tombs of Han and Tang Dynasty are scattered in Xianyang north plateau, stretching one hundred li. So Xianyang is honored as a capital of Chinese Pyramids. There is a saying , which goes like this, if you don’t come to Shaanxi, you can’t understand Chinese history, if you don’t come to Xianyang, you can’t experience prosperous Han and Tang history and China’s original culture. Shangyang reform, a well-known revolution in Qin Dynasty, started from Xianyang, including unification of measurement, Chinese character and government political system. His great idea of unification had great influence on China’s development.

  Xianyang, with strong modern industrial base, is the head-bridge for implementing west development of China.

  Xianyang is the birth place of Chinese agriculture. Hou Ji, the farming ancestor of China, started from here to teach peasants how to farm. It is a food production base in Guanzhong area, with supply of 2 million tons of commercial grain to the state each year. And good quality wheat flour is well-known in Shaanxi province, even in China. Xianyang is also the biggest high –quality apple production base in China with more than 4 million tons of annual output. The fruit output of Xianyang accounts for 10 percent of the total in China and the export volume of condensed fruit juice accounts for over one- sixth of the world’s total. Meanwhile, it is also the largest nuisance-free vegetables production base in Shaanxi province and vegetables are sold to north-west China. The natural resources is very rich in Xianyang including underground water, coal, limestone, and geothermal. Today’s Xianyang is one of the important industrial cities in north-west China, the largest electronic industrial base in north-west China and an important base for energy, chemical, light-industry. It has formed a completed industrial system with 9 industries, including energy, chemicals, textile, electronics, machinery, food and pharmaceuticals, building material, logistic as its supporting industry. This has laid a strong foundation for the development in the future.

  Xianyang, with wonderful ecological environment, is a suitable city for living.

  Xianyang is an important tourist destination in west China with combination of natural landscape and artificial spots. Weihe River, Jinghe River, and Fenghe River connect each other, with 4 million mu of forest around them. “Five magic doctors, including magic surgery, magic needles, magic pulse, magic bag and magic anti-cancer star enjoy good reputation at home and broad. Six treatments, like food treatment, medical treatment, medicine treatment, water treatment, food treatment and tea treatment are very unique in terms of health-care project, which attract more than 11 million tourists to Xianyang every year. In recent years, we are trying hard to build our city into a beautiful, romantic and comfortable city. We have constructed a group of tourist theme spots of Qin and Han style. Newly -built Xianyang Lake, based on Weihe River makes Xianyang more and more beautiful and attracts citizens to come here for a walk or relax. The Lake gives Xianyang more fresh air and makes Xianyang better than before in terms of air quality. Xianyang maintains over 300 days in second level of air quality within 5 years. Today’s Xianyang is a health-care city, the top ten livable city, a charming city in China. Every citizen feels proud of Xianyang and every foreigner praises Xianyang when visiting to Xianyang.

  Xianyang, with broad prospect, is the engine for developing Xi’an(Xianyang) international metropolis .

  In 2009, the state council issued <Guanzhong-Tianshui economic zone development plan>, which put forward to build Xi’an (Xianyang) a modern international metropolis with urban total population of 10 million. This will bring good opportunity for the development of Xianyang in the future. We will work hard to speed up the process of Xi’an –Xianyang economic integrations. Let any energetic and attractive world famous city come into being. At that time, 10 kilometers Fenghe River will become clean and clean, Weihe River will be running in the middle of Xianyang City. An old city of Qin Dynasty will reappear in the city. A more open, rising and attractive city, new Xianyang, with blue sky, clean water, will assume a new aspect in the world.

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