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Location: Located in the northwest of Hebei Province, the city is adjacent to Beijing, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia with a distance of 118 kilometers (73 miles) and 180 kilometers (112 miles) from Beijing and Datong in Shanxi Province.

Physical Features: The city slopes downwards from the northwest to southeast. The Yinshan Mountains traverse the center of the city and naturally separate it into two parts. The north part is located in the south edge of Mongolian Plateau, and the south part is in the transition area between the North China Plain and Mongolian Plateau with hills as its main topography. The prairies provide good conditions for the development of cash crops and stock raising.


Climatic Features: The city has a continental monsoon climate with the heat and rain arriving in the same season. The weather is cool in summer and cold in winter. Boasting enough sunshine it is also endowed with abundant wind energy resources.


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