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Yancheng: Located in the central part of Jianghuai Plain in northern Jiangsu, the city of Yancheng with the Yellow Sea to the east and vast stretches of marshland in the western suburbs presents an enchanting landscape. The main tourist attractions are the Huaitu Rare Fowl Nature Reserve, the Dafeng David@,@s Deer Nature Reserve, the Biancang WitheredTwig Tree Peony Garden, the Dazong Lake Scenic Area, the Jiulongkou Scenic Area, and the Memorial Hall of the Establishment of the New Fourth Army.


The Dafeng David's Deer Nature Reserve: The nature reserve sprawls along the coast of the Yellow Sea to the southeast of Dafeng. There are more than 290 David@,@s deer. It is the largest breeding ground for the animal in China and the largest habitat in the world for the animal that have returned to nature.

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