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Mudanjiang city is a major industrial city in Heilongjiang Province,located in the southeast of Heilongjiang province.North of Harbin,west ofSonghua River area,Jilin province to the south,bordering the East andJidong County,Jixi city and russia.
Mudanjiang Manchu peony ula to the transliteration,meaning curved river.She is a young city,it is a sparsely populated tal yellow,in 1903 the construction of the railway in the Middle East,Russia to set up a station here,because is located in Mudanjiang River,and named the Mudanjiang.Mudanjiang City terrain with mountains,hills,as the main body,commonly known as the "eight hill half water half minutes of cropland".Is in the temperatecontinental monsoon climate,known as the north "small Jiangnan".
The frontier region of Mudanjiang city is located in China's open border,the geographical position is superior,city construction accelerate themodernization process,various styles of buildings,hotels,restaurants,entertainment facilities,the wide flat city road,the beautiful environment of theresidential area,displaying the country North Pearl style.
Mudanjiang rich tourism resources and unique charm,between the beautifullandscape,dotted with charm Qixiu Lake Jingpo,a wide expanse of mist-covered waters of Lotus Lake,green with peony peak,attractive volcanoforest,has a long history of the Tang Dynasty ruins of Bohai country,snow"Chinese snow village" - Shuangfeng,make known to every family of thetiger,Yang Zirong the tomb,eight female cast Jiang Qundiao,coupled with the distinctive characteristics of the ice snow tourism,forest tourism,folklore tourism and the Sino Russian border tourism,every year,many Chinese and foreign tourists sorption.The area of Mudanjiang is also the landscapebeautiful,such as ski resort Yabuli,Sino Russian boundary Lake Xingkai Lake,river Wusu in Jilin River,Changbai Mountain Province,Russia's Vladivostok is the world-famous resort.
Mudanjiang is an attractive lies in the fact that she is a blend of many kinds ofdiet culture city,the mutton slices cooked in hot pot,barbecue,fish feast,pancakes,gluten cake,noodles have their own characteristics,the most famous being the pig food and Korean dog meat feast.In the enjoyment offood more delicious,and a cup of fresh and delicious beer Lake Jingpo,it is a great pleasure in life.There are thousands of years of Gongmi Xiangshui rice,sweet and refreshing,sweet and crisp Ning'an watermelon Dongning apple pear,no pollution of delicacies,Pinggan Mingmu of Bear gall powder products and so on,these products elsewhere to see.If they are interested,you cango to Xiangshui rice planting base of ornamental stones by how long you wantrice,picking fruit in the orchard,it must bring their own special happiness.

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