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Location: located between 3137' - 3219' north latitude and 11858' - 11959' east longitude; on the south bank of Yangtze River in the middle of Jiangsu province

Neighboring Areas: Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong provinces and Shanghai Municipality

Physical Features: high in west and south and low in east and north; featured with hills and Ningzhen Range crossing the region from east to the west and Mt. Maoshan from south to the north; Pinjiang Lowlands and Jiangxin sandbank crossing the region from west to east

Population: 2.65 million
Area: 3,843 sq km

Nationalities: Han

History: originated in early Western Zhou Dynasty

Climatic Features: situated in the north part of subtropical zone with the monsoon climate; frost-free of 23.7 days, average sunlight of 2057.2 hours, frog period of 20 days

Average Temperature: 15C annually
Rainfall: 1507.8 mm annually

Mountains: Mt.Great Hua and Shilichangshan

Rivers: the Yangtze River, the Jinhang Canal




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