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Chinese Embassy Officials Visit Confucius Institute in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, April 6th—Mr. Zhang Wei, Counselor and General Consul from the Chinese Embassy in Australia, led a delegation to visit the Confucius Institute in Adelaide. Counselor Zhang held talks with the Confucius Institute staff members in regards to launching international Chinese promotional and cultural programs in South Australia. The Institute’s Chinese Director Wang Shaobin gave a detailed introduction to the school’s Chinese courses oriented towards students from colleges, secondary and primary schools. Counselor Zhang also talked with the Institute staff members about the feasibility and necessity of setting up Confucius Classrooms at local primary and secondary schools, launching Chinese language and culture programs in colleges and how to sustain students'interest in learning Chinese. Counselor Zhang encouraged them to keep working hard and promote the work of the Confucius Institute to a new level.

Counselor Zhang posed for photos with the Institute staff members after the discussions.

Group photo of Counselor Zhang Wei with the Confucius Institute’s staff members

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