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Hubei Provincial Scholarship Applications and Regulations for Overseas Students

Chapter I General Rules
Article 1 In order to encourage overseas students to study and carry on a further education in Hubei provincial universities, reinforce the provincial education to outside, consented by the People's Government of Hubei Province, Hubei Foreign Student Scholarship is to be set up.
Article 2 Hubei Provincial Foreign Student Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as "scholarship") is set up by the Hubei Provincial People's Government to reward outstanding overseas students who are studying in Hubei provincial universities.
Article 3 The scholarship is subordinated to the budget of Hubei Provincial Department of Education by Hubei Provincial Department of Finance, and Hubei Provincial Department of Education is responsible for the daily management of the scholarship program.
Article 4 The scholarship is reviewed once a year.
 Chapter II Scholarship Standards
Article 5 The Scholarship for undergraduate is 10,000 yuan/year; that for postgraduate 15,000 yuan/year; that for doctoral student 20,000 yuan/year; that for general scholar 5000 yuan/half a year, 10000 yuan/year; that for senior visiting scholar (including visiting scholar, similarly hereinafter) 10000 yuan/half a year, 20000 yuan/year.
Article 6 To those overseas students who are accepted in accordance with the criterions of external agreements enacted by Hubei Province, the scholarship standard is implemented according to the relevant agreements.
Chapter The requirements for applicants
Article 7 The applicant has foreign nationality and foreign passport , and be friendly to Chinese.
Article 8 The applicant has good moral character, is diligent, outstanding, and healthy.
Article 9 The requirements for degree and limitation for age:
1. Undergraduate applicants shall be at least awarded the degree equal to senior high school in China. The limitation of age is no more than 25 years old;
2. Postgraduate applicants shall have obtained a bachelor degree and the limitation of age is no more than 30 years old;
3. Doctor applicants shall have obtained a master degree and the limitation of age is no more than 35 years old;
4. The limitation of age for general visiting scholar applicants is no more than 40 years old. Chinese training students shall have at least senior high school degree. Students in other majors shall have bachelor’s degree or above, or be above the second year(including the second year) for bachelor.
5. Senior scholar applicants shall have master’s degree or above and shall be vice-professor or above whose age is no higher than 50.
Article 10 The Chinese level requirements for applicants depend on the majors and the languages taught in class.
Article 11  Applicants are not supported by government or other organizations.
Chapter IV Application and Evaluation
Article 12 Hubei provincial universities should organize overseas students to make the application, and contact overseas students who have the desire to study in HubeiProvince through Embassy in foreign countries, foreign education organizations or the Internet.
Article 13 Foreigners who meet the standard, whether they have been studying in universities in Hubei Province or still be abroad, can make the application to the university that they want to study in or have been in.
Article 14 Applicants who haven’t entered the university which they made the application should fill the form “Scholarship Application Forms for Overseas Students in Hubei Province(Table 1) ”, while who have entered should fill the form “Scholarship Application Forms for Overseas Students in Hubei Province(Table 2) ”.
Article 15 Applicants should hand in the following files to the university:
1. “Scholarship Application Forms for Overseas Students in Hubei Province”.
2. Photocopy of the passport.
3. Notarized certification for education background and degree.
4. Notarized copy of transcript or Certificate of title.
5. Recommendation and health certificate
6. Other materials that universities need
Article 16 Universities accept the scholarship application from February to June every year. The application will be reviewed by panel in the open, fair, just principle. The review result will be publicized and showed for one week.
Article 17 The Hubei Provincial Department of Education will accept “Overseas Students of Hubei Province Scholarship Application” from all higher schools, after examined, it will be published in the Hubei Education Information Network( for a week. The Provincial Educational Department will give the documents to prove it if there is no objection.
Article 18  The students who are recommended to win a scholarship according to the agreements by Foreign Government and International Organization will be arranged to study in designated universities by The Hubei Provincial Department of Education.
Chapter V Award-winning Qualification Management
Article 19 It will be universities that give out "Scholarship Notification" to the award-winning overseas students.
Articie20 The awarding-winning overseas students should register before the deadline of the specific date provided by " Scholarship Notification".
Article 21 In case of the following circumstances, qualification for award-winning should be canceled:
1. Spread unfriendly speech about China;
2. Participate in illegal associations and launch illegal activities;
3. Seriously violate the school rules or disciplines;
4. Violate China’s law or statute.
Article 22  Students who have won the scholarship should be comprehensively evaluated by university and should be submitted to Hubei Provincial Department of Education for puting in record at the end of study.
Chapter VI Funds Origin& Management
Article 23  The scholarship project funds should be allocated annually, paid by Hubei Provincial Department of Finance through a centralized treasury payment to university.
Article 24 Project funds must be used on purpose, accepting the inspection from ministries of audit,education and finance, etc.
Article 25 Provincial Education Department examines the program in related universities every October, conducting annual comprehensive evaluation.
Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions
Article 26 These regulations go in to effect as of the date of promulgation. “Hubei Provincial Scholarship Regulations for Overseas Students” promulgated in September,2006 shall be repealed at the same time.
Article 27 Hubei Provincial Department of Finance and Hubei Provincial Department of Education are responsible for interpretation of the provision.