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Asian Universities Seen Moving up Further in International Rankings

      The Asian universities are already starting to move up the international rankings quickly and are expected to rise further, driven by the huge amount of resources going to them and the increasing amount of research they are doing, leaders of some of the top universities said.
Speaking with Xinhua on the sidelines of a forum in Singapore on university management, the university presidents and deans said that the amount of resources going to the universities in Asia are more than what is happening anywhere else in the world, a reflection of the fast economic growth in Asia. The reputation of the top universities in Asia is expected to rise, too, as more and more of their graduates become leaders across the different sectors.

      Shenyang Aerospace University has also witnessed a fundamental change in the amount of resources going to Chinese universities compared with what they had in the past. With a strong engineering focus and featured by Aeronautical Engineering, SAU offers 44 disciplines of undergraduate study, 50 disciplines of graduate study and joint programs for doctorates. Rosy plans have been outlined for the growth of the university, which has been awarded as “Provincial Demonstration University for Study in China” in 2013.