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Authorization Letters of Zhejiang JiLiang University


University Introduction

China Jiliang University, a well-known top university throughout China in the sector of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, is located in Hangzhou, an intriguing historical and cultural city in Zhejiang Province, East China.

While engineering is the focus, CJLU is, however, a comprehensive university that offers many disciplines, including engineering, science, management, law, literature, economics, medicine, and philosophy. Up to now, it has collected more than 2.1 million books in the library for about 19,000 full-time students in 44 majors at 18 colleges. Furthermore, it has employed about 1,245 teachers, 92.3% of whom have acquired certificates of Master’s degree or Doctor’s degree. Moreover, it has set up a research center for the humanities and social sciences, eight top provincial disciplines, and 16 laboratories at various levels.

Since 2012, CJLU has been dedicating itself to expediting the cause of internationalized education. For this purpose, it has launched 6 majors on English media for international students, including Computer Science and Technology, Telecommunication Engineering, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Its Automation, Mechatronic Engineering, International Economy and Trade, and Business Administration. Moreover, as the only place for HSK exams in Hangzhou Xiasha Higher Education Zone, it also releases Chinese Language Program for foreign students to study Chinese language. In addition to those majors, CJLU also provides several traditional Chinese culture courses to foreign students, such as Chinese painting, Taichi, dancing, and traditional Chinese musical instruments.

English-taught Programs


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