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How many

Recently, Zhou Wei, who was seen on "the strongest brain" show on Jiangsu TV, worked it out in just 1 minute. However, this 23-year old young man from Wutai county, Shanxi province was a rural child diagnosed of "moderate brain-damage". That night, his nearly perfect talent show greatly surprised those who once ignored and looked down upon him. (January. 19, the Yangzi evening news)

From "moderate brain damage" to "the strongest brain", the up and down of fate is quite dramatic. The emergence of the mathematical genius hits the most soft place in people's inner world: once a discriminated and humble life can actually release the power of life that even "normal" people can not reach; how amazing, great it is. We cannot but exclaim, admire, reflect, and even feel ashamed.

However, we may keep wondering: how many "rain men" in China still live in the shadow of discrimination? How many "Hawking" geniuses are being killed by secular vision? There are a large group of people like Zhou Wei. They are suffering injustice of both fate and reality. If "the strongest brain" can only change the fate of a small number of "rain men" in China, its significance would be discounted and our tears would be too cheap.

"Rain man" is the nickname for children suffering autism, and is called "the star child". They are desperately lonely. They lack self-care ability, can not get themselves integrated into the community, however, they often have a special talent, such as extraordinary memory, and abilities in math, music, paintings, etc. Researches show that Newton, Einstein, Bill Gates, and some other geniuses have once suffered mild autism. Currently, there are lots of professional teachers in "special education" around the world. They are trying to educate and train these "rain men", expecting to explore their potentials and care for life's dignity.

Unfortunately, there are serious deficiencies in the education and care for these "rain men". Many people look at them with vulgar and shallow eyes, laughed at and exclude them. Some teachers see them as "outliers" and refuse to teach them. Some experts even rigidly and rudely judge them as "patients" and "mental retardates". The last phenomenon is especially obvious in the case of Zhou Wei. "With verbal IQ 49, operation IQ 46, he is "moderate brain-damage". It was this diagnosis that almost buried a true genius for misjudgment.

Just as TV show guest Liang Dong says: "there are too much real inferiority needs to be whitewashed by hypocritical pride and too much extraordinary wisdom would be trampled by mediocre shallowness in the world." In some ways, making life suffer such injustice is human sin, as well as a disgrace to civilization. Therefore, the emergence of Zhou Wei should not be made to satisfy the curiosity of people, but should be used to show all people the common sense of revering and respecting life.

The world stage of wisdom should not live without Chinese "rain men"; the basket of life should not exist without humble and beautiful "rain men". It is an impending task to figure out how to establish a long-term mechanism to ensure special talents be treated normally, and to release their full potential. School, education and the civil affairs department, charities and the whole society should shoulder the responsibility without hesitation.