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Canadian, 67, Teaches English for Free for 13 Years, Named ‘Foreign Lei Feng’

Peter, a 67 year old Canadian, moved to Wuxi in 2001 after giving up his well paid job in search of a new challenge. Within two months in the country he had begun teaching English on a volunteer basis and providing private tutoring as well as assisting in English Corners.

Over the past 13 years, Peter has taught more than 1,000 people and given up around 3,500 hours of his time helping young people, especially with writing English CVs, job applications and interview preparation. He has also done volunteer work in orphanages and other welfare centers where he sings songs and plays game with the children, helping to brighten their day.

In the local community he has become known as the Foreign Lei Feng, meaning a foreigner who embodies the spirit of communism and is selfless and modest. The name is also a play on his Chinese name Tang Lei, which locals have changed to Tang Lei Feng (with different characters).