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Herbal Diet Training Course of shanghai medical university

Objective: To be familiar with the basic theory and preparation of herbal diet.

Main courses:

lIntroduction to Chinese medicine

lDietary therapy, theory and preparation of herbal diet

Course contents:

lTheory of herbal diet, common food for herbal diet

lCombination method of herbal diet

lHands-on practice

Language: Taught in Chinese and translated into English, French, Japanese and Korean.

Time: Depending on requests of students.

Period: 1-2 weeks

Certificate: Upon completion of all required courses.

Applicants: Nutritionists (5 or more students).


lRegistration fee: 500 RMB

lTuition: 2,500 -5,000 RBM


lApplication Form for Short-Term Study, International Education College, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

lPhotocopy of passport

Contact way:
Tel:+86 15857187587