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China Academy of Translation launched in Beijing

The China Academy of Translation was launched in a ceremony in Beijing on July 29.

The academy, the first of its kind in China, aims to respond to many of the problems and opportunities that China is facing, as it continues to open up to the outside world.

"Under the new circumstances, translation has become more and more important and is an increasingly difficult task in introducing China's development to the outside world, participating in global dialogue, promoting the world's understanding about China and enhancing the friendship between the Chinese people and people around the world," Cai Mingzhao, deputy director of China's Publicity Department and head of the State Council Information Office, said during the launch ceremony.

The China Academy of Translation will be based on the resources and translation professionals in China International Publishing Group (CIPG), an organization that boasts a large number of translation experts and talents in China.

Zhou Mingwei, president of the CIPG and also the head of the newly launched academy, summarized the mission of the academy.

It will study the development of the translation industry in China, research major problems in translating Chinese contemporary political and cultural works, set up a talent pool of translators, improve the evaluation system of China's translation professionals and provide training to both Chinese and foreign translators, Zhou said.

The launch ceremony was attended by more than 150 governmental officials and translation experts.