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Five Popular Restaurants for Noodles Lovers in Beijing

1 Noodle Loft
The Noodle Loft is a fashionable noodle place. The restaurant features flour cuisine from Shanxi. One famous noodle in the restaurant is Strand Green Noodles made from spinach juice. Traditionally, Chinese eat this kind of noodle for their birthday dinner because the single strand signifies long life. The other noodles include Shanxi Pasta flakes, Fried Oat Noodle Shaped like Fish, Hand-Shaved Noodles. You will be impressed if you have a taste there.

2 Xibei Youmian Village 
Coming from Inner Mongolia, Youmian has become increasingly popular in Beijing. Xibei Youmian Village is one of the most popular restaurants which serve the Youmian. Here, Youmian is steamed and served with different dipping sauces, like stir-fried tomato and spicy jam. The restaurant also has an array of traditional northwestern style food like barbecued mutton, mixed vegetables and mixed vermicelli served with different sauces.

3 Yanji Lengmian 
Yanji is a city located in Jilin province, very close to the border with North Korea, so the cold noodles in Yanji are as genuine as you're going to China. Built in 1943, Yanji Restaurant -- which takes its name from the city -- is the oldest Korean-style restaurant in Beijing and a favorite among cold noodle connoisseurs. At this eatery cold noodles are served in big, cold bowls with an assortment of egg, vegetables, meat and ice. The noodles are soft and deliciously cool.

4 Su's Beef Noodle Restaurant
Su's Beef Noodle Restaurant is a chain restaurant with outlets all over China. Beef noodles are delicious and inexpensive. At Su's, one big bowl of noodles will set you back six yuan and a smaller bowl five yuan. The noodles are hand-made from fine flour. The noodles are served with beef, caraway and garlic leaves, which add flavor.

5 Czen Asian Noodle Bar 
Czen Asian Noodle Bar serves up several innovative noodles. The best is its focus on using healthy ingredients. Green tea, coffee, pumpkin, carrot, seaweed, black bean, and herb and garlic noodles are available and provide different nutrients without too much fat.

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