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Yunnan vocational and technical college of agriculture

Yunnan vocational and technical college of agriculture, located in kunming with pleasant climate conditions and characteristic multi-ethnic culture, known as the City of Perpetual Spring and the provincial capital city of yunnan province, has attracted tens of thousands of people at home and abroad to travel and study.

Yunnan vocational and technical college of agriculture can be dated back to yunnan sericulture school at guangxu thirty years in Qing Dynasty (AD 1904) with over 100 years of school history. The college has upgraded to public run regular higher educational institution in 2002, authorized by the people's government of yunnan province and endorsed by Ministry of Education. It has recognized as “provincial model senior vocational college ”by Yunnan provincial people's government in 2010 and the college that can enroll students by itself in 2012 by MOE.



Covering an area of 1058 mu, YAVTC has Xiaoshao and Jiaoling campuses; nearly 7000 students and 319 faculty members, including 5 doctors, 126 masters, 16 professors and 70 associate professors; teaching and administrative buildings 72758 square meters, 700 computers for teaching purposes, equipments for teaching and scientific research value 22 million yuan and 450000 volumes of book collections. The Colleges consist of 8 teaching departments, including the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary School, the Horticulture and Gardening Engineering School, the Economic Management School, the Agricultural School, the Biological Engineering School, the Sports Department, as well as the Public Foundation and the Ideology and Politics Theory Departments. At the same time, YAVTC also hires full-time experts in and out of Yunnan and foreign teachers to create a good language learning environment for the students..