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Studying Chinese at Guangzhou, One-on-One

  if you are working at guangzhou, but your chinese is not good, dont worry. Apply to study at Guangdong University of Education. Just need 3 times a week, one time by two hour. you can negotiate the time hour with your own teacher.

Guangdong University of Education was founded in 1955 which is a high-tier provincial university. This program is designed for students (age from 18 to 55) who are interested in Chinese language and culture and who may want to start business or find jobs in China after graduation. Our advantages lie in “4Ps”:
 Professional:Run by university, we are HSK test center recognized by Confucius Institute.
 Practical: Diversified cultural activities and practical courses in oral and business Chinese.
 Personalized: We only focus on 1-on-1 and small group class to guarantee the quality.
 Position: Our center is located near CBD and is very convenient for life and transportation.
Program Details:
6 Months Chinese Language Visa Program(Small Class)

11 Months Chinese Language Visa Program(Small Class)

If you need more information, please contact by the following way:
Tel:+86 15857187587