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School in the Most International City——Shanghai Finance University

Brief Introduction to School of International Exchange of SFU
School of International Exchange (SOIE) of Shanghai Finance University (SFU) was founded on October, 2009 and was known as Department of International Education. As an independent school of SFU, SOIE takes the task of international students’ recruiting, teaching and daily management. It focuses on international students’ education and has established a system with multiple choices based on students’ requirements including long term and short term trainings, degree education and non-degree education system. SOIE also offers English taught academic curriculums for degree students. SFU started to recruit international students since 1993 and till now, more than 2000 international students from about 30 countries have been studying at SOIE. Most SOIE’s facilities and staff members have overseas background and are packed with great teaching experience. SFU has set up international students’ dormitory building and International Cultural Exchange Center. With competitive living condition, comfortable environment and convenient transportation, SFU is considered as an ideal place for international students
International Cooperation
School of International Exchange has set up cooperation with some of the well known overseas universities, including:
University of California, Berkeley; University of Towson, USA; University of West Virginia, USA; Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada; Keele University, UK; Bathspa University, UK; ESC Rennes School of Business, France; International Business Academy, Denmark; University of Applied Science Worms, Germany; Arcada Polytechnic, Finland; Hongkong Lingnan University; Takming University of Science and Technology, etc..
Education Features:
1.     English taught bachelor degree program
2.     Long term and short term language program
3.     Short term exchange program
Degree Program
1.     Finance
2.     Accounting
3.     Business Administration
4.     International Economics and Trade
Chinese Language Program
1.     Intensive Chinese Course
2.     HSK Training Program
3.     Chinese Culture Program
4.     Business Chinese Program
5.     Chinese Calligraphy,Painting,Cutting and Taiji