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MBBS in Binzhou Medical University(BMU)

Binzhou Medical University(BMU) is a common medical university at provincial level in Shandong Province. It was included in the Shandong Province’s construction projects of elite universities centered on the cultivation of applied talents in 2013. After more than 60 years’development, the University has improved a lot in various undertakings.Now Binzhou Medical University has bloomed into a undergraduate medical university with full medical subjects, integrated school conditions, unique school features as well as increasing educational qualities. By now, BMU owns 30 undergraduate subjects which are qualified to enroll overseas students, and these subjects include clinical medicine, clinical medicine(general practice), stomatology, nursing,traditional Chinese medicine, medical imaging and so on.

MBBS in English

(1) Tuition Fees: 18000 yuan/academic year

(2) Registration Fees: 400 yuan/person/time

(3) Accommodation Fees:5000 yuan (double room);10000 yuan (single room)


(1) If any changes happen to accommodation conditions, the accommodation fees will be adjusted accordingly. Other fees like textbooks, visa, insurance etc. will be charged according to relevant stipulations. Application Fees are not refundable.

(2) Accommodation: air-conditioner, water heater, desk and chair,closet, curtain, single bed, network interface, and private bathroom are provided to every room. Dormitory building is equipped with duty room,public kitchen, laundry room, activity room, bulletin board, water and electricity facilities, fire-extinguishing equipment, etc.


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