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International Bachelor Degree Programs Conducted in English


Bachelor’s Programs (4 years)

Software Engineering: BJTU’s School of Software Engineering is China’s National Model Software Engineering School. The program aims to cultivate high-level and internationalized software engineers. It adopts the most advanced engineering education concept----CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) and “3+1” mode, namely 3 years study on campus and 1 year internship at IT companies at home and abroad. Internship with salary at famous multinationals such as IBM, Microsoft or Intel is available.



Bachelor’s Programs (4 years)

Materials Science and Engineering

Academic theories combined with internshipsaim to cultivate high-level practice-oriented global talents in Materials fields.



Bsc in Electrical Engineering and Automation

Year 1:

Advanced Academic English I, Advanced Mathematics B (1)(2), Advanced Language Programming C, Fundamentals of Information Technology, Management Principles, Engineering graphics , Linear algebra, Physics (1), Experiments of Physics (1) , Physical Education (1) (2)

Year 2:

Physics(2), Experiments of Physics (2), Advanced Academic English II, Complex Function and Integral Transformation, Probability and Mathematical Statistics B, Circuit theory(1)(2), Circuit Experiment (1) (2), Electromagnetic Fields, Electrical Machinery (1), Fundamentals of Analogue Electronics, Experiments of Analogue Electronics, Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Physical Education(3)(4)

Year 3:

Electrical machinery (2), Power Electronics Technique , Fundamentals of Digital Electronic Technique, Experiments of Digital Electronic technique (2), Fundamentals of digital electronics technique B, Signal Analysis and Processing, Automatic Control B, Fundamentals of Power System Analysis, Microprocessor theory and interface technique, Principle of Power System Protection, Electrical Systems of Power Plants, High voltage technology, Fundamentals of Electricity Market

Year 4:

Power System Planning and Reliability, Power System Automation, Digital Power System Protection, Power System Remote Control Theory, High Voltage Insulation, New Energy Generation Technology, Comprehensive Experiment of Power System A, Graduation Project



Bachelor’s Degree:(4 years

1.FinancefieldInternational FinanceCorporate Finance Corporate Finance

2.International trade/risk management.



Bachelor’s Programs (Bilingual Chinese-English Medium, 4 years)


Categories of Programme





Mathematical Sciences


Chemistry & Chemical Engineering


Life Sciences


Oceanography & Environment


Note: Xiamen University offers new bilingual Chinese-English-medium undergraduate programs. This is an important action to promote the internationalization of Xiamen University. All the programs are in key disciplines. The courses will be taught by outstanding members of staff in order to cultivate distinguished international specialists.





Bachelor’s Degree Programs (4 years)

Computer Science and Technology

Electronic Information Engineering



Bachelor’s Programs (4 years)

1.         International Economics and Trade: Combined academic theories with curriculum relating to Chinese economy & culture, forums, internships, etc; aims to cultivate high-level practice-oriented global talents in economic, international trade and managerial fields.

2.         Tourism Management: Combined academic theories with curriculum relating to Chinese economy & culture, forums, internships, etc; aim to equip students with a good command of economic and management theory, familiarity with the knowledge and skills of international tourism.

3.         Computer Science and Technology: Combined academic theories with curriculum relating to Chinese culture, Technological Chinese, forums, internships, etc; aim to cultivate international talents with a comprehensive knowledge of computer technology, creativity, and the ability to conduct  




Bachelor’s Programs (4 years)

1.         Chinese Language
We enhance the professional talents (Chinese teachers, interpreters and specialized commercial personnel) with good Chinese understanding and expression. They can master Chinese knowledge and skills completely, understand the condition and culture of China and use the Chinese language to work freely in certain fields.

2.         International Economy and Trade
The four yearfull-time program provide students with the opportunity to study in areas that are of particular relevance to the management and conduct of international businesssuch as International Business theoryInternational  Business Practice SkillsInternational Trade RegulationEconomicsEnglish Language and Business information systems. This program is designed to equip students with knowledge, understanding and expertise pertaining to enterprise globalization developmentinternational management.



Clinic Medicine5 years

Preventive Medicine5 years

Stomotology5 years

Pharmacy4 years

MBBS Program in English6 years



Bachelor’s Programs (4 years)

1. International Business

Foster advanced talents for administrative organization, public institution, Multinational Corporation, foreign-funded enterprise and different kinds of financial institution.

2 Finance

    Foster special talents for banks, portfolio investment, insurance and other enterprises.

3 Accounting

4 Public Finance

5 Clinical Medicine




1. Bachelor (Need More than 20 students for one class)

1. Chemistry (4-year) is to cultivate the professional personnel with systematic and rich chemistry theoretical knowledge, excellent experimental design and operating skills who has high scientific quality and research ability.

2. Applied Chemistry (4-year) is to cultivate inter-disciplinary personnel with high scientific quality and management ability, who possess solid theoretical foundation, rich knowledge, and systematic chemical theoretical knowledge, who have favorable ability to experiment, to re

3. Clinical Medicine (5-6 year) is to cultivate the advanced specialized personnel with fundamental technique of basic medicine, clinical medicine theory and preventive medicine, who can undertake the medical treatment, preventative medicine and medical research in the organizations of medical care, public health and medical research.

4. Dentistry Medicine (5-year) is to cultivate the advanced specialized personnel with basic medical theoretical knowledge and clinical medicine knowledge, and stomatology basic theory and clinical operating skills, who can work in the medical organizations to treat oral common disease, operate prosthodontics and oral diseases prevention.

5. Medical Image (5-year) is to cultivate the advanced specialized personnel with basic medicine, clinical medicine and modern medical imaging theoretical knowledge and capacity, who are able to work in the medical organizations to do the imaging diagnosis, interventional radiology and other medical imaging technology.

6. Medical Laboratory Science (5-year) is to cultivate the advanced laboratory doctors with high quality, huge potential for self-development, solid specialty theoretical knowledge, and skillful clinical medical laboratory operation skills.

7. Preventive Medicine (5-year) is to cultivate the advanced specialized personnel with complete basic medicine knowledge and clinical medicine knowledge and skills, and who can diagnose and treat common diseases, and have basic specialty theories and techniques, and are able to solve practical problems related to the preventive medicine and public health.

8. Civil Engineering (4-year) is to cultivate the advanced professional technical personnel with balanced knowledge, quality and capability, and possessing basic theoretical knowledge of civil engineering, who have the essential education of the Certified Engineering Technicians, and can work with innovative mind in civil engineering design, construction, management, education, research, investment and civil engineering exploitation, etc.

9. Chinese Language (4-year, 3 research areas, bilingual)After 4-year study, the graduates will possess systematic Chinese basic theories and knowledge, solid Chinese language community ability, know Chinese common literary culture, be familiar with Chinese survey and social culture, get hold of ways of data query and information retrieving, and have ability to work in the area of foreign economic and trade as well as cultural exchange.



Bachelor’s Degree (4 Years)

1. Chinese Language and Literature: Harbin lies within an area of China where the most standard form of Mandarin (“Putonghua”) is spoken. Heilongjiang University has a long history and substantial teaching resources.

2. International Economy and Trade: accept international students who have no basis in the Chinese languageand the duration is 5 years; aim to cultivate practice-oriented talents in International Economy and Trade fields. Courses are mainly related to international trade about China.



Bachelor’s Programs (4-6 Years)

1.         Clinical Medicine:   National specialty, combining the professional theoretical knowledge learning with language learning and clinical practice, to cultivate the senior medical specialists can be engaged in health care and prevention, medical research and other aspects of work.

2.         Telecommunication Engineering: Relying on its solid strength in teaching and research, the program ranks the top of this field in China. The discipline has more than 300 faculty members, including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Science, 38 professors and 50 associate professors. The State Teaching Base for Telecommunications Engineering with top-ranking experiment equipment is also founded here. The discipline is actively committed to establishing international academic exchanges and cooperation. It has established relations with universities, research institutes and companies abroad. Both English and Chinese instruction could be implemented in this program.



Bachelor’s Programs (6 years)

Clinical Medicine

Academic theories combined with curriculum relating to medicine, internships, etc; aim to cultivate high-level talents in medical fields.



Clinical Medicine

Full-time undergraduate programs include Clinical Medicine (of five years, six years, seven years and eight years), Dental Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, etc. Currently students enrolled in undergraduate programs include around 2000 Chinese students, about 380 international students studying in MBBS program taught in English medium and more than 100 international students studying in various programs taught in Chinese medium. Around 30 international students are working on their master’s or doctoral degrees here now.



Bachelor’s Programs (4 years)

1Major:  (1) BSc in International Business Management

2BSc in Tourism Management

For programme introduction and classes schedule please visit -


2. Admission Requirements:

(1) Academic Requirements:

        High School graduation certificate

         Official transcripts

(2) English Language Requirements:

          Non-Native English Speakers usually need to have passed the IELTS test and scored at least 5.0 (or TOEFL 500) or equivalent. Applicants may choose to take the DUFE English Entry Exam as an alternative to the IELTS test

        Native-English speakers are generally exempt from the English language requirements and only need to meet the Academic Requirements described in (1)

3. Application Procedures

(1) Fill out the application form

(2) Submit graduation certificate of high school, official transcript and the score report of English language Test

Qualified applicants will be issued by the University for the Admission Letter and Form JW202 for entry visa to China

4. Fees

(1) Application Fee: RMB 800

(2) Tuition: RMB 28,000 /year

(3) Material Fee: It refers to the actual price of the textbooks.

(4) Accommodation:

 Single room (private bathroom) RMB 45–60 /day

Double room (private bathroom) RMB 60–85 /day

Suits (private bathroom, kitchen, living room) RMB 135/day



Undergraduate Program of Architecture 5 Years

The university’s discipline of architecture takes the leading position home and abroad and keeps an increasing influence in the world. The graduates, including some prominent members of the Academy of Engineering of China and many noted experts, have contributed a lot to the development of architecture. School of Architecture, SEU (formerly National Central University and Nanjing Institute of Technology) was founded in 1927 as the origin of China’ modern architecture education. For the past 80 years, 3000 students graduated from School of Architecture, including 6 academicians of the Academy of Engineering and 10 Construction & Design Masters. 55% of the faculty in the school have doctor’s degree and 70% have the experience of studying or working abroad. School of Architecture has academic cooperation and exchanges with many countries, such as U.S.A., U.K., France, Japan, Swiss, Sweden, Netherland, Germany, Australia, Korea, Austria and Singapore, and it has close contact with international organizations including UNESCO. 


Fees & Expenses

Registration Fee: RMB400; Annual Tuition Fee: RMB25000-30000;

Annual Accommodation Fee: RMB6000-8000 [One bed in a double occupancy room]



Over 16 year’s old, high school graduate or above, healthy foreigners


Language Requirements (The applicant should meet one of the following language equivalents.):

1.       Graduate from high schools of English-speaking countries or where English is an official language.

2.       IELTS: (Academic Level): 5.5

3.       TOEFL: 170 (Computer-based) or 500 (Paper-based)


Application Period: March 1 – June 30


Application Document:

1.     SEU Application Form for International Students

2.     Senior high school diploma

(original or notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)

3.     High school transcripts

(original or notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)

4.     Authorized Copy of TOEFL score 550 or above, or IELTS score 5.0 or above for those applicants whose mother tongue or official language is not English.

5.     Valid passport copy


Application Procedure:

The completed application form, together with the application fee and the required documents should reach the Admission Office, College of International Students, SEU before June 30. Please keep the receipt of the application fee for check..


Undergraduate Program of MedicineM.B.B.S.(6 Years) 

Medical College of Southeast University, originating from Nanjing Railway Medical College, whose origin can be traced back to the Medical College of the Central University founded in 1935, was merged into Southeast University in 2000. In the past years, it has cultivated more than 20,000 graduates, including some academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and other many noted medical experts home and abroad. There are 2700 Chinese medical students at SEU, consisting of 800 graduates and 1900 undergraduates, and more than 300 foreign medical students. 

There are over 80 professors and 150 associate professors in the faculty of the College of Medicine, including 30 doctoral supervisors and 200 master’s supervisors, majority of whom have the experience of studying in famous foreign medical schools and have obtained Doctor’s degree. Additionally, there are 87 part-time professors and 226 associate professors in the attached hospitals and laboratory hospitals.

With 193,000 sq. m. of modern teaching and laboratory buildings, gymnasiums and libraries, College of Medicine, SEU covers a total area of 263,000 sq. m. The libraries collect 400,000 copies of books and 1500 kinds of foreign periodicals. The Clinical Experimental Center facilitates the medical students with modern clinical techniques, by means of the simulative electronic patient system. There are 19 hospitals attached to College of Medicine, SEU, more than 40 laboratory hospitals spreading across the country.


Fees & Expenses:

Application Fee: RMB400; Annual Tuition: RMB30000-40000

Annual Accommodtion: RMB6000 (one occupancy in the room shared by two)


Qualification: Over 16 year’s old, high school graduate or above, healthy foreigners


Language Requirements (The applicant should meet one of the following language equivalents.):

1.         Graduate from high schools of English-speaking countries or where English is an official language.

2.         IELTS: (Academic Level): 5.5

3.         TOEFL: 170 (Computer-based) or 500 (Paper-based)


Application Period: March 1 – June 30


Application Document:

1.     SEU Application Form for International Students

2.     Senior high school diploma

(original or notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)

3.     High school transcripts

(original or notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)

4.     Authorized Copy of TOEFL score 550 or above, or IELTS score 5.0 or above for those applicants whose mother tongue or official language is not English.

5.     Valid passport copy


Application Procedure:

The completed application form, together with the application fee and the required documents should reach the Admission Office, College of International Students, SEU before June 30. Please keep the receipt of the application fee for check.



M.B.B.S (6 years)

Established in 1921, the Medical School of Nanchang University is the medical school with the longest history in Jiangxi Province. Currently there are 368 professional teachers and 1867 clinicians, 1056 of whom are entitled with senior professional qualifications, 18 doctorate students’ tutors, and 329 master’s degree students’ tutors. Medical School of Nanchang University has 11 affiliated hospitals. This English M.B.B.S. program was started from 2006, and currently, there are more than 150 international students from countries including India, Pakistan, and Ghana studying in this program. Teachers of this program are experienced experts both from Nanchang University and Abroad. Students enjoy the priority to practice in the affiliated hospitals of Nanchang University since the third year.

The main courses covering: Human AnatomyCell BiologyHistology & EmbryologyPhysiologyChinese languageBiochemistryMicrobiologyImmunologyPathologyPathophysiologyBrief introduction to ChinaCommunity MedicineEpidemiologyPharmacologyClinical DiagnosticsDiagnosticsAnaestheticsChinese Traditional MedicineInternal MedicineSurgeryInfectious DiseasesGynecology & ObstetricsNeurologyPsychiatryEmergencyOphthalmologyOtolaryngologyDermatologyStomatology etc.




Bachelor’s Programs (4 years)

3.         Atmospheric Science

4.         Applied Meteo, rology

5.         Marine Science

Academic theories combined with application abilities; aim to cultivate high-level practice-oriented global talents in the fields of meteorological services, civil aviation, marine services, hydroelectricity, and environmental protection, etc.

6.         Computer Science and Technology

7.         Network Engineering

8.         Software Engineering

Aim to foster high-level international talents with mastery of computer science and technology (including the basic theories, knowledge, techniques and methods of hardware, software and application), who are engaged in computer teaching, scientific research, engineering application.



Bachelor’s Programs (4 years)

1.Business Administration     

2.International Trade

Academic theories combined with curriculum relating to Chinese economy & culture, forums, internships, etc; aim to cultivate high-level practice-oriented global talents in economic & managerial fields.



Bachelor’s Programs (4 years)

a)         Aeronautical Engineering                                        

b)        Electric Engineering and Its Automation                      

c)        Machine DesignManufacturing and Automation              

d)        Communication Engineering                         

e)         Software Engineering                                



Events Economy & Management (Sino-British) ,Electronic Information of Science and Technology (Sino-British) ,Machinery Design and Manufacturing & Its Automation (Sino-British) and Business Administration (Sino-British) are specialties in the Shanghai British College which was set up by University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and nine British universities together with NCUK,




West China School of Medicine offers a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS),in an English teaching medium, comprised of 2 years of basic medical sciences, 3 years of clinical sciences  training, and one year of internship.

Since it’s beginning in 2001,the university  has enrolled 9 batches of medical students from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore,  USA, Canada, Korea, Fiji, Cameroon, etc, into the MBBS course. Four batches of international MBBS students have graduated from this medical school as of July 2009.

1. Recognition 

West China School of Medicine is listed in" The World Directory of Medical Schools published by WHO" The International Medical Education Directory (IMED) Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

West China School of Medicine of Sichuan University has been licensed by Ministry of Education, China to enroll overseas students for the MBBS course in an English medium. There are only 34 medical schools, out of 150, in the list this year(2010) who have the authority to enroll international MBBS students in English medium.


2. Duration of Course

Course duration is of 5 years + 1 year internship. The internship can either be done at the university hospitals or in one’s home country in a hospital recognized by the Ministry of Health of the concerned country.

If the students want to do internship in the hospitals of the university they must pass HSK examination, as per regulations of MOE, China, before the 6th year internship.

3. Medium of teaching 

West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University has been conducting MBBS courses in English medium since 2001.

Most of the faculties have been educated in USA and Canada. Hence they can excellently teach the MBBS courses in English medium. Every year the university sends more than 200 faculties to USA and Canada for education and training. West China School of Medicine is one of the best and the largest in China.

Over 50% of the doctors have experiences of work or being trained in foreign medical institutions.

4. Eligibility 

1. All applicants must be 18 years of age.

2. Applicants must present an official copy of their high school diploma and/or additional higher learning certificates.

3. Applicants must have an excellent academic record in the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

5. How to Apply: 


Applicants apply directly to the Overseas’ Students Office (Huaxi Branch), Sichuan University.

Application deadline:

The academic year begins in the autumn term. The process of applying for autumn enrollment begins in February and ends in August. All application materials must be received by the middle of August.

Materials to be submitted

1. Application Form

2. A notarized copy of the highest academic credential (high school diploma)

3. Notarized copies of official academic transcripts

4. Scanned passport information

5. Notarized Physical Examination Record (valid for 6 months). The students will keep the original manuscript.


Note: We begin enrollment in July, all applicants must submit all the above required documents and certifications by the application deadline. Admission will be determined after the verification and appraisal of the application materials. Late applications will be considered for admission for the following academic year.  



Miss luo

Tel: +86-571-88165697; Fax: +86-571-88165698

Address:  A103, Overseas Student Dormitory, Huaxi Campus of Sichuan University, No.17, 3rd Section, South of Renmin Road Chengdu, Sichuan, China Zip Code: 610041


The Fee Structure  

1.  Tuition Fee Yearly:                        RMB45000Yuan

2.  Dormitory Fees: Triple room               RMB 6000Yuan/year

Double room    RMB 12000Yuan/year

Single room          RMB16000Yuan/year

3. Food Costs Yearly:    As Per Actual

The average food expense is USD 600/annum in the dormitory cafeteria.

Additionally, there are common kitchens available to students on each floor of the dormitories.

4. Medical Insurance Yearly:                      Included in the tuition fee

5. Green Card/ Permanent Residency Fee:   As per actual

6. Application Fee: (RMB 600Yuan)             Included in the tuition fee



Management (4 Years) is an English-instructed program (Minimu



Clinical Medicine  (5 years)

Project characteristics:

Clinical Medicine theoretical knowledge, Academic theories combined with practice relating to clinical Medicine, adopting the Education Outline of British Commonwealth and overseas’ advanced medical education model; aim to cultivate high-level global talents in Clinical Medicine fields.



Miss Sophia

Tel: +86-571-88165697; Fax: +86-571-88165698


Bachelor’s Degree (5-6 years)

1.       Acupuncture and Massage

2.       Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

3.       Integration of TCM and Western Medicine

4.       Clinical Medicine

5.       Stomatology



Clinical Medicine  (6 years)

Clinical Medicine (MBBS) is an undergraduate program with the length of study being 6 years, medical courses and laboratory experiments are instructed in English. Students in their senior years will have access to internship in the university affiliated hospitals.



Miss luo

Tel: +86-571-88165697; Fax: +86-571-88165698


Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

1.       Textile Engineering (Track: Textile Dyeing and Finishing)

Featured Courses: Survey on Chinese Textile Market, All-around Practice on Textile Engineering

2.       International Economics and Trade (Track: International Business in China)

Featured Courses: Surveys on the Chinese Specialized Markets, Business Practice

3.       Fashion Design and Engineering (Track: Fashion Marketing and Trade Management)

Featured Courses: Industrial Three-dimensional Cutting Course, Introduction to Fashion Industry,

Management of Garment Production, Garment Consume Behavior, Discussion of Buyer, and

Garment Commercial Planning


Miss luo

Tel: +86-571-88165697; Fax: +86-571-88165698

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