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Yiyang City is in northem—middle of Hunan Province. It lies 110°43′to 112°56′east Longtude,27°32′north latitude. It includes Taojian County, Anhua County, Nanxian County, Yuanjian City and Datonhu, Beiaouai, Jinpen, Qianshahon, Chapanzou five state—operated farms. Urban district is seperated into Heshan Zone, Ziyang Zone and Chaoyang Zone, Yiyang City covers an area of 12,144 square kiometres and has population of 4.46 million in which the urban district covers an area of 28 square kilometres and has a population of 360,000.

Yiyang City belongs to subtropical continental monsoon humid climate. It has a sunny mild climate with abundant rainfall. It has an annual average rainfall of 1600 mm, an annual average temperature of 17℃and for season clearly. It is a scenic spot with green holls, clear waters and suitable environment.

Yiyang City has rich natural resources and has long been praised as "a land of fish and rice", "a land of ramie", "a land of nonferrous metal", "a land of bamboo", "a land of reed". The reserve of antimony takes up the most of all country and the reserve of granite takes up the most of the province.

Yiyang City's agriculture developed with the help of nature. Among the ten agricultural productive area in whole city, lots of then have been fixed as commodity grain base, commodity cotton base, commodity fish base, lean meat pig base and comprehensive commodity base.

Yiyang City's industry has formed 34 lines such ad textile, electric power, chemical industry, coal industry, machinery, electron building material, metallurgical industry, paper─making, foodstuff etc. Its outstanding lines are textile, paper industry, foodstuff, antimony and electron industry. There has 24kinds of main famous industrial products such as rubber machinery, diesel engine, automobile bule, autimony trioxide, ramie products and meat foodstuff etc.

There has 14 companies specialized in varied kinds of import and export business, 10 productive enterprises exported by inself and lots of joint ventures, cooperative enterprises, foreign capital enterprises and foreign trade productive supplied enterprises.

Until to the and of 1996, Yiyang City had approved 200 projects of utilized foreign capital. Contract utilize foreign capital amount of USD 100 million, utilized USD 60 million in fact. There has more than 150 joint ventures; co—operative enterprises and wholly foreign owned enterprises which had opened or put into production.

Yiyang City's electricity comes from mainly Huazhong electricity net The total installed capacity is 560,000KW. Its total energy is 370,000KWH, There has 6 transformer substations with 220KV capacity and 36 transformer substations with 110KV capacity. The 1,800,000KW power plant which will start to construct in 1996 will be set up in engineering is 600,000KW. It will supply enough power source to Yiyang City's economic construction.

Yiyang City has rich water resources and high quality water. Urban district water mill supplying water 320 thousands tons every day can satisfy the need for Yiyang City@,@s economy and society development.
Yiyang City has advanced communication equipment. 200 thousands lines of program. Controlled telephone can direct to all over the county and all over the world. It opens the business an communication with portable telephones, wireless calling, fax and post EMS.
The waterway and roadway are very convenient in Yiyang City. Changsha—Yiyang highway, shimeing—Changsha railway, 319 state road crossed the city is the thoroughfare from capital of province Changsha to the Big—Southern—West. The waterway pass through Dong Ting Lake, inside reach the Xiang, Zi, Yuan and Li rivers, lutside reach Yingtza River. Xiangqian railway line runs across Anhua County. The second Zijian Bridge had put into peration.

With the improvement of the basic facilities, the investment environment of Yiyang City had increasely improved. The foreign institutions such ad customs, commodity inspection, foreign trade transportation, international insurance, finance, law etc are establishing and effecting to offer the best service according to international practice.

YiyangCity is the Golden District of investment for businessmen at home and abroad. Welcome every friends sincerely to our city.

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