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Study in Qinhuangdao

Qinhuangdao is a time-honored city named after the first emperor in Chinese History Qin Shi Huang who once made his east inspection tour to Qinhuangdao and sent people to the sea to looking for the immortals. It is also an important harbor city in North China with the Port of Qinhuangdao having more than a hundred years of history. Located in the center of the economic region circling the Bohai Sea, it is also a new rising industrial city having the largest glass industrial base and bridge manufacturing group, most important aluminum processing base and gas turbine producing base, largest hub factory for vehicle wheel as well as a distinguished dry and red wine producing base in China.

This passionate city is well equipped with sports and cultural facilities. Today, Qinhuangdao is striving to be a green, harmonious, vigorous and charming arena of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games. There are well developed service facilities, good urban infrastructure and convenient traffic that greatly promote the further development of the city.



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