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Adjacent to the Yellow Sea in northern Jiangsu, Lianyungang is an important coastal city open to the outside world in China@,@s east coast. It has a great wealth of historical and cultural sites, rich tourist resources, and many hotels that offer topquality sea food. The city has a fine seaside resort, the only one in Jiangsu Province. There are Huaguo Mountain, a port, the Sucheng Scenic Area, the Donglei Scenic Area, inscriptions on cliffs in Kongwang Mountain, and other scenic spots.

Huaguo Mountain
Rising 625 meters above sea level in the Yuntain Mountains of Lianyungang, Huaguo Mountain has secluded, deep caves, flowers, and fruit. The novel of Journey to the West sets the mountain as its backdrop. There are many scenic spots that are closely related to the novel. Pagodas and temples were erected there during the Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties. These Include the Sanyuan Palace, Asoka Pagoda in the Haiqing Temple, and 12 stone carvings of the Tang, Song, and other feudal dynasties in the Yulin Temple.



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